Solving real pain points for agencies when it comes to proving client value

May 3, 2022

How do we measure success of our PR activity?

It is the perennial question that is asked time and again. Having spent 20 years in corporate and financial communication agencies, I have heard this question as much as anyone. And while, as PR professionals, instinct and experience tells us we know what we do works, it has long been a challenge to prove it with data.

There are some pretty tangible pain points for agencies, of all sizes, when it comes to measurement and evaluation:

  • It is often time (people) intensive
  • It is usually expected within the retainer or project fee – making it difficult to cost out as separate line item
  • It is often at set intervals – monthly / quarterly / campaign end – making it impossible to adapt and be agile
  • It often looks only at reporting media outputs not communication outcomes
  • It can be difficult to access all relevant data sources from clients

It is these challenges that The Communication Dividend set out to solve. Designed by communication professionals, for communication professionals, The Communication Dividend is an award-winning automated analytics solution, that visualises the metrics that matter from across all communication channels (paid, earned, owned, social) in real time.

This gives agencies direct access to data; it enables teams to look more broadly than just media; and demonstrates the impact of PR on the business bottom line. In this way, the communication professional moves from a producer of reports to a creator of insights. From a cost centre to a value add.

We have a very bold vision: To put communication intelligence into the hands of every practitioner in the world. To bring this to reality, we are focused on three things:

Transparency: Shining a light on the effectiveness of PR and communication and helping practitioners demonstrate value and improve performance.

Confidence: Arming professional communicators with the right technology and data to have confident and robust discussions with clients and stakeholders about measurement.

Data: Giving access to the data that matters and visualising this in a way that helps communicators to make connections and understand their impact.

Measurement is often left to the end of a pitch, program or strategy. We want to move it to its rightful place, front and centre of the communication conversation. Through transparency, confidence and data, we believe this is possible.

If you are a communication leader, measurement advocate or have a desire to go deeper and demonstrate the true value of PR and communication, get in touch for a free demo at

Paul Cheal