Let’s get metric S.M.A.R.T.

If there’s one thing we all have to get better at, it’s writing objectives and sticking to them. Google “communication objectives” and you’ll find very few, worked examples that link to the broader business objectives. Our mission has become to convert Communication Specialists/ Managers and PR practitioners to the excitement (and relief!) that comes from a SMART … Continued


Myth #2 busted: all measures are equal

That headline might have you confused. I can hear the question that immediately came to mind when you saw that sentence: aren’t all measures equal? Those of us who love numbers, like to quote this line quite a bit: “the numbers don’t lie.” And that’s true, numbers don’t lie but on their own, you’ll find they’re … Continued


Myth #1 debunked: There is a silver bullet when it comes to measurement.

In my last LinkedIn post, I revealed four of the most common myths I’ve seen while working for over three decades with Communication/PR professionals. Let’s take a more in-depth look at what I’ve dubbed Myth #1: There is a silver bullet when it comes to measurement. As much as this would make for a much … Continued


Why Business metrics and Comm/PR metrics are like strawberries and cream

So, I bet that headline got your tummy grumbling as you thought of your favourite, rich, vanilla bean infused ice cream together with sweet, delicious strawberries. Ah, is there a better combo? I’m sure you can think of so many more delicious flavour combinations but I’m sure my headline also left you a little puzzled. … Continued


Work in Communication/PR and never heard of the Barcelona Principles? Keep reading

  If you’re a Communication/PR professional and you’ve never heard of the Barcelona Principles, prepare yourself to learn about a communication measurement and evaluation framework that has the potential to transform your career. Before we delve any further, let’s embark on a quick history lesson so that you can understand how these Principles came about. … Continued


Why accountability is the new black for Communication/PR professionals

  Here’s an interesting question for you: what profession do you feel is the least trusted (generally speaking of course)? Thinking… thinking… There’s no doubt a couple of professions immediately spring to mind. Car sales people, real estate agents, insurance brokers, mortgage brokers, advertising people… and Communication/PR professionals. Eek! For those of us working in … Continued