The Communication Dividend® has been developed by PRISM Communication Architects and is founded on more than 30 years’ consulting experience working with clients across the energy, water, transport, mining and ports sectors as well as state and local governments.

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Measurement Maturity Assessment

Strategy Alignment

The Communication Dividend® Executive Workshop

Strategy Development

The Communication Dividend®

Communication Team Workshop

Measurement, Evaluation & Assurance

Tailored research

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative

Customised communication dashboards

If you’re a smart Communication Manager looking for an edge to measure and monitor your communication performance, then The Communication Dividend® is for you.

To learn how you can prove the value of your communication performance contact us now.

The Communication Dividend® is an end-to-end communication solution that will:

  • Audit where you’re at
  • Measure how you’re going
  • Collect vital data on your communication performance
  • Connect to your organisation’s strategy.

Developed using an academic foundation but with a sharp business focus, The Communication Dividend® is a simple, flexible solution that even the most number-challenged manager can understand and use.

How The Communication Dividend® will change your world

Provide accurate, real-time data that is critical for reporting and decision-making

Be proactive rather than reactive

Save time while increasing your productivity and efficiency levels

Adhere to faster and more accurate decision making processes

Generate cost savings

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Does the following story hit a little too close to home?

Ever feel like you work and work without having anything solid to show your colleagues and superiors in terms of how you contribute to the profitability of the company?

After more than three decades’ worth of experience in linking Business Strategy to Communication/PR Strategy, Deb Camden heard the same story over and over way too many times. Enough was enough and she was inspired to created what she dubs The Communication Dividend®. Here’s why.

"Like most Communication professionals, I knew the work I was doing for clients was vital and having a positive impact. However, if this wasn’t displayed in a manner that was black and white, there’s always room to question what that value was.

I knew I wasn’t alone in the struggle to prove my value so I set out to create a tool specifically for Communication/PR Managers. Enter The Communication Dividend® – this tool produces real-time feedback on the impact of communication activity, is responsive, increases the total number of channels used to create content, while reducing low impact activities. Now, Communication Managers can prove their value in a way organisational decision makers understand: using numbers."

- Deb Camden, Commpreneur®

Say goodbye to feeling undervalued

The Communication Dividend® makes it easy for you as a Communication or PR Manager, to measure and evaluate your performance so that you can prove your worth.

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