Big data is powerful…

and now the power

is in your hands

The Communication Dividend is a digital “one stop shop” where all your important communication and PR metrics can be seen in one platform – providing real-time results and insights. Our intuitive dashboard is completely customisable, easy-to-use and install – and requires no coding or technical skills. 

For the first time ever, use data and analytics to quickly and easily show the true value of comms and PR.
The Communication Dividend

So how does it work?

The Communication Dividend’s intuitive dashboard simplifies your big data into clean, sophisticated metrics that are easy to understand and present. It provides a holistic view of your strategy or campaign so you can quickly determine if your efforts are effective. For the first time ever, use data and analytics to justify your decisions on budget spends with easy reporting that proves your team’s performance.

Measurement is proof of strategy and now you can use numbers and data to show the true value of communications and PR.

icon real-time


Accurate data
captured 24/7

icon managed


Flexible subscription and managed service

icon reporting


Easily share and
export your metrics

icon - connection


Connects with
your data sources

icon - budget


Price points available
to suit your budget



On-brand visualisations to drive clear strategy

icon secure


Multiple safeguards
to protect your data

icon responsive


Streamlined dashboard available on any device

The Communication Dividend

Done for you.

Done with you.

Done by you.

Isn’t it about time we prove the true value of comms and PR?

With The Communication Dividend, proving the value of comms and PR is now easy.