Make comms & PR as important as any other function.

Show the total value of comms & PR with clever reporting, real-time analytics & transparency

Showing results and the effectiveness of projects across an organisation is typically more easily presented in a quantitative way for most departments. But with PR and communication it is often a challenge. The Communication Dividend is a game-changing solution that will allow your efforts to be reported in a way that’s on par with how other functions report their

How The Communication Dividend is making a
difference using data insights for QIC

Global investment company, QIC, is a financial institution where numbers and data are key. For the marketing and communication team however, their campaigns are naturally harder to measure and evaluate. QIC is now experiencing many positive benefits and improvements by having the data insights and measurements provided by The Communication Dividend. Watch to find out how.

Other features & benefits

QIC chose The Communication Dividend for a number of crucial reasons:

  • The Communication Dividend is an all-inclusive “one stop shop” measuring and evaluating tool that includes an extensive range of metrics
  • They could easily choose the metrics that related to their organisation and campaigns
  • They wanted a fit-for-purpose product that matched their system requirements – it couldn’t be clunky or a product that required the team to learn how to code, or spend hours in training
“It’s very important to us that we understand what our marketing strategies are doing, the benefits they’re delivering, and then we can report that through all the way up to the board and share with clients if needed so that they know their dollar is being spent in an effective way.”
Emma Hansford, General Manager QIC, Strategy, Marketing & Communications

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