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Communication and PR leaders across finance, education, transport and government are proving their value through The Communication Dividend.

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What our clients say

We need to move away from our reliance on media monitoring agencies. The difference is that The Communication Dividend is run by comms people, unlike a media monitoring service which, at the end of the day, is an algorithm churning through social media clips. There’s no one who helps us interpret it, but the TCD team does.

Eva Ford-Murphy

Country Communications Manager - ABB Australia

It was an easy decision to outsource. We knew if we were going to do it, we should do it to a high standard. We scanned the market and thought The Communication Dividend was definitely the best and had an understanding of what we wanted. Others were just standard, off the shelf solutions.

Joh Livermore

Manager, Marketing and Research - QIC

The Communication Dividend clearly illustrates our deliverables. It has been a critical measurement tool revealing where the team dedicates the most time. This has allowed us to consider how to improve distribution of work and to inform and negotiate more effectively with clients.

Mary Steele

Executive Director, Corporate Communications