Our Difference

Founder Deb Camden​

The Communication Dividend’s creator and founder, Deb Camden used her firsthand experience as a career communication professional to develop a technology-led tool, to help people in her industry prove their value.
Communication and PR is typically a profession where numbers and analytics are hard to find. Measuring and evaluating can also be challenging and time-consuming. Deb set about solving these problems using the latest technology and new thinking.

The Communication Dividend Deb Camden
Communication Dividend Communication Strategy Implementation Plan

Our Approach

Designed by communication professionals for communication professionals, The Communication Dividend is the missing link between business strategy and communication strategy, making it the first measurement approach that puts organisations and their strategies at the centre of the communication measurement and evaluation equation.

The ultimate “dividend” for communication is achieved by linking communication performance to business purpose through our unique integrated approach.

The Communication Dividend links the value of communication to business purpose

SMART Objective Builder

A world-first innovation, our SMART Objective Builder is a free web app helping comms and PR professionals prove their value through measurable objectives.

Based on the communication lifecycle, it creates objectives that are Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Timely for any communication strategy, plan, campaign or project. 

Simply follow 10 easy prompts to have a SMART objective waiting in your inbox.