Big data is powerful…

and now the power is in your hands

You know the value of comms and PR, and now you can prove your worth using data and analytics with The Communication Dividend. Built by communication and PR professionals for communication and PR
professionals who understand what you do. The Communication Dividend’s flexible monthly subscription fee makes it scalable for businesses of all sizes.

The Communication Dividend

Use your big data to:

  • Measure and collect insights on communication performance
  • Connect communication outcomes to organisational strategy
  • Visualise financial and non-financial value of communication activity
  • Justify budget spend with visual reporting that proves the value of communication to an organisation’s success
  • Quickly determine if your communication efforts or strategy are effective
  • Reduce the time spent collating reports – creating overall efficiencies
  • Move from cost centre to value adder

Stay ahead of the curve with innovative
measurement insights for comms and PR leaders

Unlike ever before, use real-time tracking to quickly identify where a campaign may be underperforming or needs tweaking to achieve your objectives – before it’s too late.

Transform measurement and reporting from a labour-intensive, backward-looking process to a real-time, value add that is tailored for every client need and clearly demonstrates your value.

Justify your decisions on budget spends with easy reporting that proves your team’s performance and drive quick strategic decisions for better results.