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When you’re running multiple campaigns for a number of clients, the last thing you want to do is spend hours gathering information from various sources… just so you can provide a report that shows only some of your results. You’ve developed and implemented what you know was an award-winning campaign, yet without a way to effectively measure and report the outcome, your clients will be left wondering about the ROI.

With The Communication Dividend, you can now impress clients with real-time reporting. Transform data into clean and sophisticated metrics that are easy to understand and present. Quickly review results to identify gaps in your strategy that may need tweaking. And use real-time data to measure and drive quick decisions for better results.

The Communication Dividend is a convenient subscription-based service – with price points available to suit your budget. We can manage it for you or you can take control – it’s your choice. 

The Communication Dividend

Reduce the time your team spends reporting and generate cost savings.

The Communication Dividend

You know comms and PR is more than tweets and media releases, but if you’re not measuring results, using numbers and data, the true value of successful PR and communication is lost. 

Now, you can stay ahead of the curve with innovative measurement insights for comms and PR leaders. 

Big data is powerful… and now, 

the power is in your hands.