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for PR data

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Built by communication and PR professionals who understand what you do, The Communication Dividend is an easy-to-use, data and analytics measurement tool that helps you monitor and show your communication performance. You know facts and big data are powerful… but gathering information from numerous platforms and showing results is challenging and time-consuming. The Communication Dividend’s intuitive cloud-based dashboard captures and presents data unlike ever before – putting the power in your hands.

Now, within minutes, you can generate a clean, high impact report that shows how your communication efforts are achieving business results.

The Communication Dividend
The Communication Dividend is for leaders ready to prove your communication strategy and efforts are working… giving you a seat at the table with big data presented in a way like never before.
The Communication Dividend

A managed solution, we’ll work with you from start to finish. Together, we’ll strategise what’s important for you to measure so you’re successfully bridging the gap between your organisation’s business strategy and your communication strategy.

Proving the value of your communication efforts is now easy. 

In less than 30 minutes, we’ll show you exactly how The Communication Dividend works and how it will benefit your organisation.